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Saturday, July 20, 2013

it was just like people are running so fast in front of you and you just sit without any thoughts.
whenever they reach the finish line, you just said,"aaaaa, I want to be like that!", but you didnt anything till the next day.
then, you just regret by yourself in the end.
everybody absoloutely doesnt want to be like this yo. the problem is,"WHEN DO YOU WANT TO START?"
it wont be happened if we just stand with 'O' expression by seeing another people have reached what they've been dreaming in their whole life.
でも、それは簡単じゃないよ。but it'll also be a great story when youve reach the top right? so wise woman once said,"everything is gonna be okay in the end, if it didnt okay then it wont be your ending."
so, who wants to be the first in dream-cathcing-challenge? 

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