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»after a long time of hiatus
Thursday, April 21, 2016

hello here I am,
it has been so long since my exciting university life was doing very well with up and down, seven to ten at night in campus everyday doing and discussing abt random things, papers, and projects that are very interesting. It was like a comfortable moment for me following the melody of deadlines, yeah I love deadlines actually (kinda weird huh?). Right now I am in the last year of the university life, doing my final thesis to get the degree. Being an agriculture student is kinda busy, doing some experiment projects, papers, discussions, and 3/4 of all my activities is; hanging out!
that is the most kind of activity that I rarely did during my high school or before entering the university. But hanging out with different people, discussing something, it has just generated my mind progressively. I am kind of people who is afraid of taking risks in life. By chit chat or asking for others' opinion, my worries are disappeared! (You know being a Female agriculture student in developed country is quite challenging and rarely taken by most female friends!) I am about to starting my new life, maintaining the hobbies that are shades by hectic activities in campus, writing!  Since I decide to re-run this blog, focusing in one theme would be better right? Then lets begin again, spread the randomness around and enjoy the life wisely yay.

bonus pic: so this is one of agriculture students activities; camping!

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